Compiled by: Marilyn C. Crane

This database is an alphabetical list of over 600 titles used for published works by Ellen White. Included are actual titles, title variations, and related titles with cross references. The date of original publication and paging is given for each title—when known. Notes are provided to show relationships between titles, to show if the title is part of a series (in parenthesis), and to indicate any other information that establishes the uniqueness of the title. Publisher information normally is not included.

The Bibliography includes both books and pamphlets published by Ellen White during her lifetime and posthumous compilations published by official sources of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

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Title Year Pagessort descending Notes
Southern Work.
96 p.
NOTE: nine Advent Review and Sabbath Herald articles from 1895-96 with letters from 1895-98 to Southern workers; later printing, ca. 1900, of 147 p.
Temptation Of Christ In The Wilderness.
96 p.
NOTE: subtitle of Redemption, no. 2.
Master's Immortal Sermon.
96 p.
NOTE: selected from Thoughts From The Mount Of Blessing.
Living For Real.
96 p.
NOTE: original title, Sanctified Life.
Lord Is Risen.
96 p.
NOTE: selected from The Desire Of Ages.
Sufferings Of Christ, His Trial And Crucifixion.
96 p.
NOTE: subtitle of Redemption, no. 5.
Testimonies To Southern Africa.
98 p.
Ellen G. White Periodical Resource Collection.
NOTE: periodical articles not appearing in Review and Herald, Signs of the Times, or Youth�s Instructor.
The Quote Book: Gems From The Pen Of Ellen G. White.
NOTE: compilation.
Sermons And Talks.
v. 1-.
NOTE: compilation of Ellen White sermons mostly taken from previously unpublished manuscripts.
Manuscript Releases.
v. 1-21.
Ellen G. White Signs Of The Times Articles, 1874-1915.
NOTE: published by Pacific Press.